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Liam in the That Moment Add. (x)


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Zayn’s reaction to Louis’ description for Liam [x]

Anonymous asked: Zayn calling Liam's dad Sir and bringing his mom flowers and complimenting his sisters and putting his arm around Liam as he discusses art and politics and being like almost a parody of the perfect boyfriend except nope that's the real deal. And then later he put his hand over Liam's mouth as he fucks him. "Shh, Leeyum, don't want Geoff and Karen to hear us." And Liam almost considers telling him to get off, because wow did he actually call his parents by their names?

YES!!! MORE FANTASIES ABOUT YOUNG ADULT BOYFRIENDZ!!!! liam telling zayn that, hey, he’s invited to family dinner this friday (mom’s lambchops and chips) just casual CASUALLY mentioning that haha no big deal or anything it’s just the first time zayn will meet his parents and like haha you know i love everything about you zayn but my family are pretty average middle class folks and YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR TATTOO SLEEVES AND LEATHER JACKETS AND DO-ME-IN-THE-FRONT-SEAT PICK-UP TRUCK AND PAPERBACK NOVELS ABOUT DEVIANT EARLY 20TH CENTURY LITERATURE BUT

zayn gets it obviously he gets it but that doesn’t stop him from holding it over liam’s head for the next week, SO i’m going to wear a knit cardigan and a nice tie and dress pants and shiny shoes and i’ll bring you a corsage and i’ll get glasses without lenses and talk about the economy and bemoan vulgar television and liam is all NO no no be yourself just maybe ease them into it

AND THE NIGHT GOES SO WELL EVEN THOUGH LIAM CAN KIND OF HEAR THE SARCASM HIDING JUST BEHIND ZAYN’S PERFECT IMAGE liam cracking up every time zayn acts so elegant and kind but then after five minutes the joke kind of stops and it’s not so ironic anymore because zayn seems to genuinely like liam’s family and goes out of his way to be really kind and nice and there’s nothing really funny about the situation it’s just zayn and yeah it’s zayn in a goofy cardigan but it’s just the zayn liam knows best, zayn acting totally like himself and it going over so well

AND THEN SOME HOT BANGING IN THE SPARE BEDROOM!!! ZAYN MAKES BREAKFAST FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY THE NEXT MORNING SMIRKING EVERY TIME LIAM CATCHES HIS EYE and maybe liam’s family doesn’t need to know about that side of zayn, not yet, not ever, that’s just for them to laugh together as liam’s sisters ask if zayn slept well